Deeppura Garh

A majestic tribute to the deep-rooted culture and heritage of Shekhawati, Deeppura Garh is a place where times stands still, each day becoming a new celebration.       Located in the historic district of Sikar, the Shekawati region of Rajasthan, Deeppura Garh was the birthplace in June 1886 of the last ruler of Sikar, the Maharajah Rao Raja Kalyan Singh Bahadur.  An architectural enthusiast, who enhanced his fort with rare and impressive murals, many of which are now carefully restored.      After years of neglect, Deeppura Garh was purchased by the Italian jeweller Maria Grazia Baldan who has embraced the heritage of Rajasthan and the cultural importance of this fort.     Discreetly positioned within rich countryside, Deeppura Garh’s roof terraces allow the ten exquisitely decorated bedroom suites, each with state-of-the art bathrooms, distant rural views.   Deeppura Garh makes good use of its royal pedigree with a well-proportioned drawing room, a comfortable library retaining its large  fireplace and the fort’s original monumental dining hall.    Deeppura Garh sits comfortably within four carefully landscaped gardens; the majestic reflection pool boasts traditional fountains and comfortable sitting rooms which forms a tranquil space in which to relax.     The organic vegetable garden provides much of the fresh food for Deeppura Garh’s kitchens.   Maria Grazia’s talent has transformed Deeppura into a contemporary boutique hotel providing excellent food and creating an overall sense of calm and wellbeing, offering many holistic and ancient therapies.     “to visit this exquisite fort is to live the dream” 



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