Our Story

Located in the historic district of Sikar, Shekawati region of Rajasthan, Deeppura Garh is a magically restored fort and haveli with secret gardens, charming courtyards, ornamental pools and 10 comfortable suites and bedrooms with state of the art bathrooms, some fashioned out of the old camel and horses stables and the fort’s original highness lounge.

Deeppura Garh was the birth place in June 1886 of the last ruler of Sikar, the Maharajah Rao Raja Kalyan Singh Bahadur. He was an architectural enthusiast who enhanced the fort with gorgeous murals, many preserved today. After years of neglect, Deeppura Garh was sold to the Italian jeweller Maria Grazia Baldan who understands the heritage of Rajasthan and the cultural importance of this fort. Her talent and special taste has transformed Deeppura into a contemporary boutique hotel – fabulous swimming pool, squashy linen sofas, excellent food – while keeping the essence and soul of the property .

What We Were Before

What We Are Now !

Before And After